Strategic Executive Leadership 

Politician with Supporters

Course Duration: 1 Day

This course is about transforming an organisation through its vision and values, culture and climate, and structure and systems as well as through its strategy. Managers and Executives can establish greater clarity, make stronger connections and expand their leadership repertoire – and contribute to their organisations' well being.

Strategic leaders are those who continually develop and discover strategy and hold it in an ongoing state of formulation, implementation, reassessment and revision.

Is this course right for me?
The following people will benefit from this course:
- CEOs, Permanent Secretaries, General Managers
- Directors General, Senior Political Appointee
- Chairmen of Parastatals
- Directors, Deputy Directors, Assistant Directors
- Business Executives
- Tax Administrators
- Debt Recovery Officers

Benefits of this course:
Strategic thinking which involves a vision of what the organization can and should become Offers new ways of understanding the challenges and opportunities before the organisation.
Strategic acting which shows the coordinated effort required for the organization to implement insights and understanding derived from effective strategic thinking.
Strategic influencing which details creating conditions for clarity, commitment and synergy throughout the organisation.

Programme Structure:
Assess managing with respect to leading Strategic change(s).
Underpin the strategies required to reduce poverty and developing tomorrow's leaders.
Identify key stages of contingency planning.
Develop plans focusing on improved service delivery, performance and customer care.
Explore the role of leadership and management to ensure effective strategic development and implementation.

N.B. Course will be certificated

Borky Steve Gbenga Bakre

President, Borky S. G. Bakre & Associates – a Knowledge – Driven, and Government Accredited Environmental Consulting and Contracting Firm. He is also the President of the Management Board of Centre for Conservation of Energy and Efficient Resources Utilization (CEERU). Borky is an Inventor, a Designer / Developer of Technology, including automated systems, and also an accredited Environmental Professional by various Agencies of Government (including DPR & LASEPA). He has received two (2) Commendations from the Science and Technology Fund for the “Auto-Service Mat with Wheels” and “Borky Liquid Fuel Gauge”, which were both developed and patented by him.

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