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The Institute for the Management of Information Systems (IMIS)

The Institute for the Management of Information Systems (IMIS) is one of the foremost technology Institutes Worldwide. It is now part of BCS. As an International Association, it is devoted to supporting and promoting of the Information Technology profession. The courses offered cover a wide spectrum but GBA will only be conducting Diploma and Higher Diploma courses. This will assist candidates who complete the course to take up a professional career in Information Processing.

* Personal & Professional Practice in Information Systems
* The Business Context of Information Systems
* Using ICT in an Organisation Environment
* Website Development
* Information Systems in Organisations
* Information Systems Development

Programme Structure:

Entry Requirement (Diploma):
Candidates who have successfully completed the Foundation Diploma level examinations, GCE (or equivalent) with passes in 4subjects, including Mathematics and English at Grades C and above (or equivalent). Candidates who are over 21 years old and have over two years work experience relevant to computing or a related field will be considered. An Employer reference will be required.

Candidates who are 19 years of age and over may be admitted on receipt of a letter from the Institution where such candidate is registered to study for IMIS qualifications, attesting to their suitability to study at the level requested.

* Management Information Systems
* Information Systems Strategy
* Contemporary Issues in Systems Design
* Database Design
* Project Management for Information Systems
* Business Information Systems Project.

Entry Requirement:
Candidates who have successfully completed the Diploma level examinations.

National Certificate / Diploma in related subject with significant computing element or major. Any other educational qualifications that are equivalent to the IMIS Diploma level examinations.

Candidates who are over 21 years old and have over four years work experience relevant to computing or a related field will also be considered.

Examination Regulations:
Examination Dates: Examination s sessions are held twice annually:
(a) May / June
(b) Nov / December

All examinations entries must be forwarded to IMIS head office by:
th 17 March for May / June Examinations
th 16 September for November / December Examinations.

Assessment & Grading:
Unit grading structure: – Pass, Merit and Distinction.

Candidates are advised to register with the Institute as student members and failure to do this will not be allowed to enter for examinations.
Candidates are also advised to visit IMIS website or our office for further clarifications should they be in doubt of any aspect.

Course Intakes:




Computer Professional Examination (CPE)

The Computer Professional Examination (CPE) is an exemplary examination body focused at individuals entering into the Information Technology industry with sole purpose of making a career. This is aimed at both youths and adults. The examinations are structured to accommodate those who have five O' Levels at grades merit and over, and those without five O' Levels credit. It is a great opportunity to improve your skills and get into the Industry with confidence. The examination is an opportunity to acquire.

Programme Structure:
Cuc 101 Word Processing Applications
Cuc 102 Spreadsheet Applications
Cuc 801 Basic Concepts of Data Communication
Cuc 706 Operating Systems
Cuc 201 Programming in C, C++
Clc 201A Introduction to Computer Systems
Clc 203C Communication Skills
Clc 204D Computer Fundamentals
Clc 105 Introduction to Database Application
Clc 202A Introduction to Operating Systems

Cfe o1 Communications Skills
Cfe 02 Quantitative Methods
Cpe 301 Evolving Information Technologies
Cpe 202 Data Communications & Network
Cuc 104 Internet Applications
Cuc 204 Developing & Deploying Websites
Cpe 103 Management Information Systems
Cuc 806 Network Security Management
Clc 202B(c) Word Processing Applications (Intermediate)
Clc 202B (e) Graphics Packages
Cpe 205 Management of Information Technology (MIT)
Cpe 106 Software Engineering
Clc 204(D) (f) Database Packages

Date of Examinations:
Examinations are held twice each year
* April
* September

Dates published four months before examinations.
Written Papers 3 hours
Practical Test 3 hours