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At Gravitas Business Academy we believe that First Aid is a life skill which is beneficial to every person. As accident can occur anywhere including our homes, or someone can suddenly fall ill just anywhere, it therefore becomes necessary for people to acquire this skill which will help to preserve life in any of the above circumstances.


Course Level 2
Course Duration: 1 day
The Emergency First Aid at Work course is adapted to suit businesses with lower risk in accordance with the Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981. The course will be very useful for small scale businesses, charitable organisations and employers with few employees.

This course involves theory and practical sessions, will be run over a day and gives the candidate confidence to carry out First Aid when the need arises.

There is no formal final examination but continuous assessment by the trainer and certification will be effected on successful completion of the course. This certificate will be valid for three years.


Course Duration: 3 Days
This is a full Health & Safety Executive (HSE) approved First Aid at Work course, under the Health & Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981.

Upon qualifications, holders of the First Aid at Work Certificate will be able to work as first aiders at their various workplace as required by the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974. This course can be adapted to suite different work environments, those in the field as well as those in offices.

The First Aid at Work course is run over three days which includes both theory and practical sessions.

There is formal examination on the last day of the course. Trainees that are successful will be awarded a certificate that is valid for three years.


Course Duration: 2 Days
This course is conducted for two days and gives already qualified staff with First Aid at Work that is expired to re-qualify. Successful completion will allow trainees to obtain certificate that is valid for three years.


Course Duration: 3 hours
This 3 hour course will enable any family member to have the confidence to attend to another family member in an emergency as and when their loved ones becomes injured or falls ill at home.

The course can be conducted at the comfort of your home if required.

N.B. All Certificates will be awarded by First Aid Awards (FAA) – England UK.

Borky Steve Gbenga Bakre

President, Borky S. G. Bakre & Associates – a Knowledge – Driven, and Government Accredited Environmental Consulting and Contracting Firm. He is also the President of the Management Board of Centre for Conservation of Energy and Efficient Resources Utilization (CEERU). Borky is an Inventor, a Designer / Developer of Technology, including automated systems, and also an accredited Environmental Professional by various Agencies of Government (including DPR & LASEPA). He has received two (2) Commendations from the Science and Technology Fund for the “Auto-Service Mat with Wheels” and “Borky Liquid Fuel Gauge”, which were both developed and patented by him.

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