Computer Applications


Basic Computer Applications For Senior Managers

Course Duration: 2 Days
Computer Skills are quite essential for all computer users, managers are no exception. In today's world, there is the need not just to apply the computers to our work but to use them quite effectively. Managers being very busy with the essentials of running the various organizations, and computer use are constantly changing, the need to be up to date is important.

This course provides Managers, most especially Senior Managers with the skills to operate effectively, this essential tool for the modern office.

Benefits from the course:
Understanding the computer as an office tool
Applying the computer tools to improve performance
Becoming fully acquainted with computer functionalities and effective Team leadership
Improved presentation

Basic Computer Skills:
How to turn on the computer
Turn on the computer
Green light on the screen
How to turn off the computer
Mouse skills

Opening and Saving Files:
Find a file
Open a file from your disk
Save a file
Using folders

Ms Word:
Typing and Editing
Spell check
Columns and Indenting
Bullets and Chip Art
Copying and Pasting Images

Excel cursors
Entering Information
Making Lists
Adding Totals
Making Charts

What is the internet?
Website on the Internet
Map quest – Directions on the Internet
Online dictionaries and encyclopaedias'
Internet dictionary
Publishing on the Internet

Power point for 2010
Power point for XP
Sample presentation (PPI)

N.B. There are exercises for trainees on each of the subject areas

Borky Steve Gbenga Bakre

President, Borky S. G. Bakre & Associates – a Knowledge – Driven, and Government Accredited Environmental Consulting and Contracting Firm. He is also the President of the Management Board of Centre for Conservation of Energy and Efficient Resources Utilization (CEERU). Borky is an Inventor, a Designer / Developer of Technology, including automated systems, and also an accredited Environmental Professional by various Agencies of Government (including DPR & LASEPA). He has received two (2) Commendations from the Science and Technology Fund for the “Auto-Service Mat with Wheels” and “Borky Liquid Fuel Gauge”, which were both developed and patented by him.

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