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Gravitas Business Academy (GBA) is an Independent Educational Institution registered in Nigeria primarily to provide education as well as training in academics and vocational courses.

Gravitas Business Academy is a sister company of Gravitas Training Consultants (GTC), a United Kingdom company registered in England and Wales. GTC is a management training and consultancy company located in London, United Kingdom.

GTC has been involved in the successful execution of World class training programmes for leading institutions in the United Kingdom and various other countries of the world. The clientele of GTC spans across sectors which include: Oil & Gas, Financials, Information Technology, Hospitality, Education, Government and NGOs.

Our courses are designed with today's challenging environment and demands of the society in mind. The courses are delivered in such a way to give our graduates a head start in pursuing employment and career enhancement.

At GBA we believe in the provision of qualitative education,which is accessible and affordable to all. We understand the difference that education can make in an individual's life, most importantly the living standards and the societal effects in general. Excellent facilities are available to meet your needs.

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“At GBA, we believe in building towards perfection, there is no finite stop in learning”.

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